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08 December 2010 @ 01:06 am
just to tell that i changed the layout since we've been using the old layout for months already :)
and sorry for the lack of activity of this community,since both me and cerraazizi are busy with schools and internship...:(

i promise i'll get some graphics done for christmas!♥
not many,but i'll make some ♥ all in all,thank you so much for sticking up to this community until now ♥
you have our biggest thanks :)
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17 November 2010 @ 07:36 pm
No no, this community isn't dead, trust me. It's just that RL, artist's block, studies, etc got the better of us that this comm is pretty neglected. OTL

Anyway! This time, I'm not posting more batches of Arashi icons. Instead, I'm posting the very first batch of Matsushita Yuya icons. I've been very much into his music lately and so, because I had an off day today, I decided to give making Yuya icons a shot. :)

Feedbacks are ABSOLUTELY appreciated; as this is my first batch of icons besides Arashi. 8D


♫~ I wonder why, oh why, I had to let you go? ~♪Collapse )

♣ Please credit either to kotomi_graphics or cerraazizi if you decide to use any of the graphics! ^.^V
♣ Textless icons are certainly not bases. Please do not edit them in any way.
♣ DO NOT claim them as yours; please. If there's anything I hate it's plagiarism. DX
♣ Comments are ~~
♣ Credits and resources are here.
♣ Lastly, enjoy~~