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kotomi_graphics's Journal

KoTomi's Graphic Community
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Where Reiko-pyon and Hitomi-pyon dump and share their graphics with other JE Fangirls out there.



Greetings and a warm welcome to anyone and everyone who stumbled upon this journal by chance. =3 You are currently viewing kotomi_graphics' journal.

This community was established by two super-boy-crazy fangirls who wish to acknowledge themselves as totsu and cerraazizi in the cyber world. Why do they establish this journal? It's just so that they could share their graphics with other people out there who shares the same fandoms as they do. And also to improve their Photoshop skills by getting constructive feedbacks from you. Yes, you; the one who's reading this.

The name "KoTomi" was taken from totsu's "Reiko" and cerraazizi's "Hitomi" because, well, this is a collaboration between the two of them and thought the name fits well. That's how the name "KoTomi" came about.

Without further ado, step into their dimension and enjoy the goodies provided by these fanatic fangirls and, famous last words; enjoy yourself~!

LAYOUT: pluvium
PROFILE: fruitstyle
AFFILIATES: blue_ice_blends,saranghajimayo,pikapyon